DKCLI carrying out the cleaning campaign on World Environment Day

Gathering at the main gate to begin with the cleaning campaign.

On World Environment Day, 5/6/2019, Dzongsar Khyentse Choekyi Lodro Institute observed the very day by initiating the cleaning campaign under the slogan of “Clean Environment, Clean Himachal” in the whole surrounding of Chauntra area where Dzongsar Institute is located.


At 7 o’clock in the morning, led by Dungsey Avikrita Vajra Rinpoche, Dungsey Abhaya Vajra Rinpoche and abbot Khenpo Samdup, all the Khenpos and monks of Dzongsar Khyentse Chokyi Lodro Institute, teachers and students of Dzongsar Kanishka Primary School and the teachers and students of Dzongsar Higher Tibetan Studies section began with the cleaning work from the main gate of the institute. It covered all the area of both the colonies, Dege and Lingtsang, of Tibetan settlement, the surrounding of Tibetan Sambota School and the whole area of the main Chauntra market, incorporating those in its vicinity.

Khenpo Samdup, the abbot of the institute, delivering the speech.

At the end of cleaning campaign, the community head, Mr. Piarchand Kohli, of Chauntra area visited the campaigners and expressed the importance of cleaning and environment with all his appreciation to Dzongsar Institute for carrying out such beneficial cleaning campaign every year. He also expressed his sadness over government for being unable to manage the waste products well and for still not having much good outcome when considering environment protection. Khenpo  Samdup, as well, pointed out that such campaign should not be assumed as political activity, rather it should be considered as the real necessity. Expressing, as per the view of Dungsey Abhaya Vajra Rinpoche, about how such work is great which not only requires the dedication of merit but also absolutely appropriate for it, Khenpo concluded the speech.

Mr. Piarchand Kohli, the community head of Chauntra, delivering the speech.

Dzongsar Institute has first started the cleaning campaign in the year 2016, and ever since, World Environment Day is observed every year where on the very day all usual academic sessions are kept closed. This type of cleaning campaign is carried out as per the repeated advice given by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche about valuing and protecting the environment and not carelessly utilizing the natural resources. It is also brought about, specially, as a part of maintaining “Zero Waste” and contributing to 3R Project. Supervised, regularly, by the Environment Maintaining Committee of the institute, every individual has been working towards minimizing, as much as possible, the use of the materials which are harmful for the environment. The cleaning done by the Shedra community, every year, on World Environment Day shows its concern and care for the environment. It is also an activity through which the community tries to create awareness among local people and Tibetans in the area about the importance of protecting and keeping the environment clean.


The broadcast of the cleaning campaign carried by Dzongsar Institute by Local News Channels.

The news broadcasted by Punjab Kesari News Channel via Youtube.

The news broadcasted by ETV BHARAT

The news broadcasted by PUNJAB KESARI



Some photos related to the cleaning campaign

Dungsey Avikrita Vajra Rinpoche

Dungsey Abhaya Vajra Rinpoche

In Chauntra highway

Taking the waste in tractor

Cleaning at the roadside

Cleaning waste in the vicinity of the market

Cleaning the waste of the drain

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