The clinic

The clinic was set up to look after the health of the teachers and the students, and it has been taking a huge success till now. The clinic is located behind the dining hall and it has diagnosis room, a pharmaceutical store, hostel for the sick, room for the nurse, a small kitchen and a small verandah.

An Indian doctor visits the clinic twice a week and will look after those who are un well and needs medical checkup. Those who are seriously sick are send to Daramsala and Chandhigarh for further treatment. Since 2014 Dr.Tshewang Tandin, personal physician to HH Dalai Lama, volunteer to visit the clinic every two week and has been continuously seeing the health of teachers, students and peoples from the neighboring area.

Since 2008, under the organization of Chokyi Jungne Dharma centre in Taiwan, a group of Taiwanese medical team visit the Shedra during annual monsoon retreat and provides medical advises and drugs, both western and Chinese to the students. We also employed a nurse permanently. All of the medicines are provided free of costs and when some special medicines are bought from outside 70% of the price is paid by the Shedra. And for emergency medical cases whole expenditure is taken care by the Shedra.


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