The third abbot


The third abbot, Lama Jamyang Gyeltshen


The third abbot of Khamje Shedra, Lama Jamyang Gyeltshen, was born in Gatoed region as the nephew of Ngawang Lekdrup. He joined the monastery of Gatharlam at a very young age and at the age of seventeen left Kham to central Tibet, where he received three vows and Lamdre teaching from Ngawang Lodoe Nyingpo. He received many teachings from great masters like, Nyiga Rinpoche, jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, Loter Wangpo, Jamyang Chokyi Nyima, Ugyen Tenzin Norbu, Zhenga Rinpoche, Jamyang khyentse Chokyi Lodoe etc.

He was a great scholar and a realized master. Studied with Zhenga Rinpoche for around five years at Gemang retreat centre. At the instigation of his teacher Zhenga Rinpoche, Jamyang Gyeltshen went on to search for the works of Gorampa Sonam Sengye throughout the Tibetan plateau. At the end, he edited the thirteen volumes of Gorampa’s works and their block print at Derge and transmitted the oral transmission of the collected works. He also helped to carve the wooden block prints for many other rare manuscripts and gave large numbers of empowerments.

Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodoe invited him to serve as the abbot of Khamje Shedra after Onton Khenrab and he was on the throne for two years. Chophel Rabgye, Onton Khenrab, Yeshe Lekdrup, Nagmig Lama, jamyang Gelek, Chokyi Lodoe, Dosib Thupten are some of his many students.

He was famed to be the reincarnation of Gorampa Sonam Sengye and Chokyi Lodoe thought he is the embodiment of Ngawang Lekdrup.


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