The eleventh abbot


Khenpo Rinchen, The eleventh abbot of Dzongsar Khyentse Chokyi Lodro Institute.


Khenpo Rinchen was born in a place called Jodho, in Kham, Dergye, in 1972. His father’s name was Budho and his mother’s was Buloe. He studied writing and reading until he was eighteen years old, when he received Upasaka vows from Khenpo Ata, entering a monastery soon after. After two years of training in rituals and relevant practices, he mastered those practices. When he was twenty years old, he received from Khenpo Ahsher empowerments of many special deities, like Hevajra, Bhairava, Vajrapani, etc. He stayed for more than two years in retreat, practicing these deities’ sadhanas.


At twenty two he received a full monk’s ordination, along with the required number of Sangha monks. The ceremony was presided over by Kyabjey Luding Khen Rinpoche. He also received the empowerments for Hevajra, Bhairava and Ten Wrathful Deities from Kyabjey Luding Ken Rinpoche, followed by one year retreat practicing these deities. At twenty four, he became the Vajra Master of Tristo monastery. At twenty five, he came to India and received Kalachakra empowerment and Bodhicharayavatara teachings from His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, in Bodhgaya. In addition to this, he received the Sakyapa’s Thirteen Golden Teachings empowerments from His Holiness Vajradhara, the 41st Sakya Dagtri Rinpoche. At twenty six, he entered Dzongsar Shedra, in India. Within eight years, he perfected study, contemplation and relevant practices on the six fundamental Philosophical texts, or the Eighteen Great Treatises.


From thirty four until forty three, he stood in for Khenchen Kunga Wangchuck as acting principal while he was away and undertook the responsibility of the abbot in the Shedra. During these years, he gave teachings to two classes every day and taught most parts of the Eighteen Great Treatises. During his holidays, in between his teaching assignments, he received initiations, oral transmissions and teachings on Lamdre Tsogshay, Lamdre Lobshay, Compendium Of Tantras, and Compendium Of Sadhanas from His Holiness Vajradhara, the 41st Sakya Dagtri Rinpoche. When he was forty three years old he visited Taiwan. For more than one year, during his stay in Taiwan, he gave teachings on Gateway to the Middle Path (Madhyamakavatara), Bodhicharayavatara, Illuminating the Buddha’s Mind, Treasure of Epistemology and Logic, etc.


After returning to India, he taught Tantra to Acharya classes. He stayed in retreat for about two years practicing Hevajra, Kechari and Vajrapani. He continued spending most of his time in retreat. He is currently in Dzongsar Shedra immersed in spiritual practices.



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