The eleventh abbot


Khenpo Tseten, the 11th abbot of Dzongsar Khamje Ngarig Thubten Lobling

Khenpo Tseten

Khenpo Tseten was born in 1963 to Karsam, his father, and Sonam, his mother. In 1970, he went to study in a government school and graduated in 1983. In the same year, he received full ordination vows, as well as numerous empowerments and transmission, including the Seven Mandala Sadhana of Ngor tradition and the Twelve Mandala Sadhana of Purification Tantra, from Ngor Ludhing Khenchen Jamyang Tenpai Nyima. He received the Path and Fruition teaching and other profound transmissions from Khenchen Pema Damchoe, Kyabje Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, Pewar Choktrul and Gi Lama Dorji Chang.


In 1990, he joined Dzongsar Khamje Shedra, where he completed the study and the contemplation on both Sutra and Tantra, including the auxiliary teachings under Khenchen Pema Damchoe and Khenchen Phuntsog Namgyal. He served as an assistant teacher for two years. In 1998, he was enthroned as the eleventh abbot of Khamje Dzongsar Shedra. He served as the principal for eleven years, during which time the monks of the Shedra were divided into eleven classes. He also taught for about three years in Minyak Lhagang Shedra, Guze Shedra, Kyegon Shedra, Dzalang Yak Shedra and Beijing Buddhist School. In 2011, he moved the Shedra of his own, original monastery to Jeneythang, where he took the responsibility of principal. Since then, he has been teaching Sutra, Tantra and Tibetan grammar.


Driven by his love for literature, Khenpo founded the new Dzongsar Nagrig Publication and carried out the work of compiling, translating and editing the commentaries on treatises, both in Indian and Tibetan, mainly from the Sakya tradition, and also the books related to modern science. His literary works also include articles about Buddhism and the secret power of advanced modern psychology.


The noble activities of benefiting the Buddha Dharma and sentient beings spread far and wide by producing many Khenpos and teachers of both New and Old schools, including Dzongsar Khenchen Zhenphen Nyingpo.



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